The Elusive Poetry of a Misty English Evening

The sky is white-grey in a way I’ve never seen before, except in movies.  It mingles with the silence of this farm in a blanket that feels warm, embracing, romantic – especially as the birds are not yet asleep; and their high-pitched calls to each other embellish this scene like golden-threaded embroidery. I’m in England again. I could sit… Read More The Elusive Poetry of a Misty English Evening


I wonder how I’ll ever leave Southern California now that I’m here. Now that I’ve found sailboats and beaches and organic, local, vegan restaurants and so many Whole Foods; now that I’ve started introducing myself to sailors and have met wonderful friends-of-friends. Now that I feel that I fit into the scenery without being overwhelmed… Read More Seduced


So many mornings, I wake naked with a sheet or light quilt draped over three-quarters of my body, the wind coolly sneaking into my room and kissing my arms, shoulders and back; and I find myself half-dreaming of resting in a lover’s bed. This morning, with the sun not as hot as yesterday, not as… Read More Seduction